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norcomp Resource Center

Technical Information

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Online Catalog
Sales Sheets
Connector Types & Applications
Ingress Protection (IP) Ratings Guide
IP Ratings and Harsh Environment Connectors
Connectors for Robotics and Industrial Applications
Sensor Connectors for Rugged Environments
Telematics Connectors
Rugged Environment Certified Connectors
3D PDF / STEP Download
Product Change Notification (PCN)

Training / Videos

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Product Training Modules (PTM)
Backshell Assembly Videos
Push-Pull Assembly Videos
Robotics Connectors Video
Sensor Connectors Video
Telematics Connectors Video

Technical Documents

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NorComp DSUB Recommended Mating Distances
Full Material Declarations Table
Environmental Compliance
VULCON™ Circular IPX8 Test Reports
White Papers
ISO Certified 9001:2015
Rare Earth Materials
Mil-Spec to COTS Cross Reference Master List
DFARS 252.204-7012
ITAR Registration
Minimal Mating Cycles Statement


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D-Sub Panel Cutouts
IP67 D-Sub Panel Cutouts
MICRO-D Panel Cutouts
Backshell Internal Dimensions
Backshell Assembly Instructions
Backshell Selection Guide
POWER-D Contact Configurations
D-Sub Connector & Backshell Quick Reference Guides
Product Overview

Sales Sheets

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NANOOK | Flanged Waterproof D-Sub Connectors
Waterproof D-Sub Solutions
SEAL-D® | Ruggedized Telematics
SEAL-D® | Heavy Duty Scales
SEAL-D® | IP67 Product Brochure
VULCON™ Circulars Connectors
VULCON™ Stainless Steel Circular Connectors
VULCON™ M12 X-Code Circulars
VULCON™ M12 - M8 - RJ45 Circular Adapters and Splitters
VULCON™ M12 - Field Installable
M-SERIES | Machined Contact D-Sub
ARMOR | Die-Cast Backshell/Hoods
MICRO-D | Micro D-Sub
MICRO-D | Machined Micro D-Sub
POWER-D | Mixed Layout D-Sub
DUAL-PORT | Stacked D-Sub
QUIK-LOQ­™ Metal Circular Push Pull Connectors
QUIK-LOQ™ Plastic Circular Push Pull Connectors

Translated Documents

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Product Overview | German

Product Distribution Resources

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NorComp Distributors
Distributor Inventory Check

News & Updates

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August 2018 Tariff Update