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The VULCON™ circular connectors are designed with full metal shells & EMI/RFI shielding for the most reliable transmission of signals. Available in 3 industry standard sizes: M5, M8 & M12 connector & cable systems. These robust connector systems are available as loose piece or pre-made cables rated IP67/IP68 for protection in harsh environments.

Circular Connectors  

M5 Circular Connectors



M5 Series

m5 connector thumbnail
M5 Connector Series

M8 Circular Connectors



M8 Series

m8 connector thumbnail
M8 Connector Series

M12 Circular Connectors



M12 Pigtail Series

Pre-Assembled Panel Mount

M12 Series

m12 connectors thumbnail
M12 Connector Series | A | B | D | L | X | Coded

Stainless Steel M12 Pigtail Series

Stainless Steel Pre-Assembled Panel Mount

Stainless Steel M12 Series

M12 Stainless Steel Connector Series | A | D | L | X | Coded

Circular Cable Assemblies



M5 Cable Assemblies

M5 Cable Thumbnail
M5 Cables (2 pin, 3 pin, & 4 pin positions)

M8 Cable Assemblies

M8 Cable (3 pin, 4 pin, & 5 pin positions)

M12 Cable Assemblies

m12 cable thumbnail
M12 Cable (4 pin & 8 pin positions)

M8/M12 Circular Connector Applications

The M12 circular connector was first utilized for the signal transfer of industrial sensors within the automotive manufacturing sector in the early 1980's. It has since become a leader in the industrial automation and industrial controls sector with its ability to endure stressful environments and protect against dust while remaining waterproof. Shortly thereafter, the M8 circular connector made its debut as a smaller more compact version of its close relative. The flexibility of cabling options and various pin counts have made the M8/M12 circular connectors popular on the ground floor of manufacturing plants in multiple industries due to their rugged and reliable capabilities amidst demanding applications.

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