90 degree d-sub ip67 header

90° D-Sub IP67 Rated

Select the NorComp product offering below of 90 degree IP67 d-sub right angle connectors manufactured using our SEAL-D®, proprietary sealing process thus eliminating the need for PCB redesign. Available in both standard and high density pin counts for immediate shipment worldwide through our global distribution partners.

Right Angle  

Standard D-Sub



773-E Series

773-E Series D-Sub Right Angle Connector
Standard Right Angle D-Sub Connectors (0.283" Foot Print) - IP67 Rated

774-E Series

IP67 Right Angle D-Sub | 0.370" Footprint
Right Angle D-Sub Connectors (0.370" Foot Print) - IP67 Rated

High Density D-Sub



781-M Series Right Angle

781-M Series High Density D-Sub Right Angle Connector
High Density Right Angle D-Sub (0.350" Footprint) - IP67 Rated

Right Angle


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