Premium Interconnect Solutions

Machined Micro-Miniature Connector System

The NorComp MICRO-D Connector condenses the standard D-Sub connector design to provide a space-saving layout. Featuring "Solid Pin" machined contacts, these connectors offer high-reliability performance for the most challenging applications.

Waterproof D-Sub

Designed for Robust IP Performance

NANOOK flanged waterproof d-sub connectors offer an all-inclusive solution for a wide range of applications, including: telecommunication equipment, computer technology, and harsh environment applications. Available in standard, high-density, and mixed layout, these connectors are reliable, cost effective, and provide ease of installation.

VULCON™ IP67/IP68 Circular Connectors

Future of Circular Connector Technology

VULCON™ Circular Connectors offer a robust waterproof cable to panel interface for rugged applications. The M5 circular connectors are highly versatile with a compact, space saving design for demanding applications. Both the M8 Connector & M12 Connector product offerings conform to industry standard Bus specs and are intermatable with a variety of competitive products.

seal-d ip67 connectors

...with DEFCON 1 Sealing Technology

NorComp has developed IP67 / IP68 SEAL-D® waterproof d-sub connectors that utilize a proprietary sealing technology, which maintains the same physical size and footprint as standard d-sub products.

QUIK-LOQ™ push pull connectors

Push Pull Connector Systems

QUIK-LOQ Metal Shell & Plastic Shell Push-Pull Circular Connectors deliver a compact high performance solution engineered to withstand shock and high vibration both indoors and outdoors in harsh environments.

circular connectors featured

Machined Connector Performance

M-SERIES D-Subconnectors are designed for rugged/robust applications including medical,industrial,and aerospace. Featuring “SolidPin” machined contacts,these connectors offer high-reliability performance for the most challenging design applications.

armor backshells featured

Ruggedized Backshell Systems

ARMOR Die-Cast metal-shell d-sub backshell housings are plated with high quality nickel and undercoated with copper to provide excellent EMI/RFI shielding for the most demanding end-use applications.

power-d connectors featured

Peak Capacity Performance

The POWER-D & Combo-D mixed contact connectors are designed for demanding applications where a single connector is required for both power & signal. The solid machined contacts offer extremely reliable transfer of signal in a condensed footprint solution.