D-Sub Panel Cut-Outs


Resources | D-Sub Panel Cutouts

Detailed PDF's of Panel Cut Outs.

Available for Both our Dual Port and Single Port D-Sub Connectors.

For IP67 specific solutions see our Panel Cutout Guide for IP67 D-Subs.

Available for the following positions: DB9 (HD15) | DB15 (HD26) | DB25 (HD44) | DB37 (HD62) | DB50 (HD78)

Also listed on our D-Sub Connector Product Pages. (View the NorComp D-Sub Connector Catalog here.)

For POWER-D signal & power D-subs you can use this guide to convert.
5W1 = Standard 9 Pin Shell
3W3 / 3W3K / 7W2 / 11W1 = Standard 15 Pin Shell
5W5 / 9W4 / 13W3 / 17W2 / 21W1= Standard 25 Pin Shell
13W6 / 21WA4 = Standard 37 Pin Shell

D-Subs & Backshells Overview Video

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