Plastic Backshell with Thumbscrews

Plastic Backshell with Thumbscrews

Search an entire range of the NorComp product offering for plastic backshells with thumbscrews as the hardware below.

Thumb Screws Series



967 Series

967 Series
180° Top Entry - IP67 Rated D-Sub Backshell

970 Series

970 Series D-Sub Backshell
180° Top Entry D-Sub Backshell

972 Series

972 Series D-Sub Backshell
Clam Shell Style Slimline D-Sub Backshells

973 Series

973 Series D-Sub Backshell
180° Straight/Top Entry D-Sub Backshell

975T Series

3-Way Cable Entry D-Sub Backshell

Thumb Screws


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