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VULCON™ M12 Stainless Steel Circular Connectors deliver a dependable long-term solution designed to offer protection and corrosion resistance for extreme environments. Applications include industrial machinery, medical, energy, and food processing plants. These upgraded M12 connectors are multifaceted and easy to clean.


Machined Micro-Miniature Connector System

The NorComp MICRO-D Connector condenses the standard D-Sub connector design to provide a space-saving layout. Featuring "Solid Pin" machined contacts, these connectors offer high-reliability performance for the most challenging applications.

Waterproof D-Sub

Designed for Robust IP Performance

NANOOK flanged waterproof d-sub connectors offer an all-inclusive solution for a wide range of applications, including: telecommunication equipment, computer technology, and harsh environment applications. Available in standard, high-density, and mixed layout, these connectors are reliable, cost effective, and provide ease of installation.

VULCON™ IP67/IP68 Circular Connectors

Future of Circular Connector Technology

VULCON™ Circular Connectors offer a robust waterproof cable to panel interface for rugged applications. The M5 circular connectors are highly versatile with a compact, space saving design for demanding applications. Both the M8 Connector & M12 Connector product offerings conform to industry standard Bus specs and are intermatable with a variety of competitive products.

seal-d ip67 connectors

...with DEFCON 1 Sealing Technology

NorComp has developed IP67 / IP68 SEAL-D® waterproof d-sub connectors that utilize a proprietary sealing technology, which maintains the same physical size and footprint as standard d-sub products.

QUIK-LOQ™ push pull connectors

Push Pull Connector Systems

QUIK-LOQ Metal Shell & Plastic Shell Push-Pull Circular Connectors deliver a compact high performance solution engineered to withstand shock and high vibration both indoors and outdoors in harsh environments.

circular connectors featured

Machined Connector Performance

M-SERIES D-Subconnectors are designed for rugged/robust applications including medical,industrial,and aerospace. Featuring “SolidPin” machined contacts,these connectors offer high-reliability performance for the most challenging design applications.

armor backshells featured

Ruggedized Backshell Systems

ARMOR Die-Cast metal-shell d-sub backshell housings are plated with high quality nickel and undercoated with copper to provide excellent EMI/RFI shielding for the most demanding end-use applications.

power-d connectors featured

Peak Capacity Performance

The POWER-D & Combo-D mixed contact connectors are designed for demanding applications where a single connector is required for both power & signal. The solid machined contacts offer extremely reliable transfer of signal in a condensed footprint solution.


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