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The NorComp QUIK-LOQ™ Push-Pull Connectors deliver up to 30-amp in a fully shielded high-performance solution able to withstand shock & high vibration in harsh environments. The IP67/IP68 waterproof push pull connectors are robust and reliable for heavy-duty applications. Available in both metal shell & plastic shell options with various IP ratings below.

Push Pull Connectors  

Metal Shell QUIK-LOQ



IP50 Rated

IP67/IP68 Rated

820B Series

Push Pull Connectors | 820B Series
Push-Pull Connectors | 9.5mm | IP50 Metal Shell check

820K Series

IP67 Push-Pull Connectors | 820K Series
Push-Pull Connectors | 11mm | IP67/IP68 Metal Shell check

821B Series

Push Pull Connectors | 821B Series
Push-Pull Connectors | 12mm | IP50 Metal Shell check

821K Series

IP67 Push Pull Connectors | 821K Series
Push Pull Connectors | 13mm | IP67/IP68 Metal Shell check

822B Series

push-pull connectors | 822B Series
Push-Pull Connectors | 15mm | IP50 Metal Shell check

822K Series

IP67 Push Pull Connectors | 822K Series
Push-Pull Connectors | 16mm | IP67/IP68 Metal Shell check

Plastic Shell



IP50 Rated

8P1P Series

Push Pull Connectors | IP50 Plastic Shell check

Push-Pull Connector | Applications

The QUIK-LOQ™ circular push-pull connector product offering is engineered as a rugged & sealed, compact solution for medical device applications, industrial sensor, instrumentation, as well as test & measurement devices. The plastic push-pull connectors are a cost-effective, lightweight solution ideal for reusable and disposable medical & dental applications. The entire line of NorComp push-pull connectors are designed to mate with many industry leading competitor products. Contact us directly for more information on any custom or semi-custom push-pull connector manufacturing project.

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