680M Crimp and Poke



The NorComp line of d-sub mixed contact connectors feature “Solid-Pin” machined contacts, offering high reliability performance for the most challenging design applications.

NorComp has expanded it’s connector product offering to include POWER-D Crimp and Poke connectors. 


  • Available in 7 industry standard sizes / positions:
    3W3 | 5W5 | 7W2 | 9W4 | 13W3 | 17W2 | 21WA4
  • Higher vibration resistance than solder cup variants. 
  • Screw machined contacts for higher mating cycles 
  • Inter-mates with most commercial equivalents & other NorComp POWER-Ds.
  • 230°C process temp; -55°C TO +125°C operating temperature
  • Available in 10/20/30/40 amp power contacts, 5 amp signal contacts
  • Allows signal, high current & high voltage in one connector.


  • Shell: Nickel Plated Steel
  • Insulator: PBT, UL94 V-0, Black
  • Signal Contacts: Machined Copper Alloy, Full Gold Flash
  • Power Contacts: Machined Copper Alloy, Full Gold Flash


  • Panel Cut-Outs
  • 3W3 / 7W2 = Standard 15 Pin Shell
  • 5W5 / 9W4 / 13W3 / 17W2 = Standard 25 Pin Shell
  • 21WA4 = Standard 37 Pin Shell
  • Other Contact Arrangements Available, Contact us

Tooling & Information

Part Number


Data Sheet

Positioner (Signal Contacts) 680M702-071-001
Hand Tool & Positioner (Signal Contacts) 680M702-071-002
Insertion/Removal Tool (Signal Contacts) 170-901-170-000
Positioner (10-18AWG Power Contacts) 680M702-072-001
Hand Tool & Positioner (10-18AWG Power Contacts) 680M702-072-002
Positioner (8AWG Power Contacts) 680M702-072-004
Hand Tool & Positioner (8AWG Power Contacts) 680M702-072-005
Removal Tool (All Power Contacts) 680M901-072-001

POWER-D combination D-Sub with Crimp and Poke Contacts

Part #

Contact Arrangement



Data Sheet



680M3W3173L000 3W3 Male N/A
680M3W3173L010 3W3 Male N/A
680M3W3273L000 3W3 Female N/A
680M3W3273L010 3W3 Female N/A
680M5W5173L000 5W5 Male N/A
680M5W5173L010 5W5 Male N/A
680M5W5273L000 5W5 Female N/A
680M5W5273L010 5W5 Female N/A
680M7W2173L000 7W2 Male N/A
680M7W2173L010 7W2 Male N/A
680M7W2273L000 7W2 Female N/A
680M7W2273L010 7W2 Female N/A
680M9W4173L000 9W4 Male N/A
680M9W4173L010 9W4 Male N/A
680M9W4273L000 9W4 Female N/A
680M9W4273L010 9W4 Female N/A
680M13W3173L000 13W3 Male N/A
680M13W3173L010 13W3 Male N/A
680M13W3273L000 13W3 Female N/A
680M13W3273L010 13W3 Female N/A
680M17W2173L000 17W2 Male N/A
680M17W2173L010 17W2 Male N/A
680M17W2273L000 17W2 Female N/A
680M17W2273L010 17W2 Female N/A
680M21WA4P3L000 21WA4 Male N/A
680M21WA4P3L010 21WA4 Male N/A
680M21WA4S3L000 21WA4 Female N/A
680M21WA4S3L010 21WA4 Female N/A
680M001-071LA01 Signal Contact Male 5
680M001-071LA02 Signal Contact Male 5
680M001-071LB01 Signal Contact Male 5
680M001-071LB02 Signal Contact Male 5
680M002-071LA01 Signal Contact Female 5
680M002-071LA02 Signal Contact Female 5
680M002-071LB01 Signal Contact Female 5
680M002-071LB02 Signal Contact Female 5
680M001-072LA01 Power Contact Male 40
680M001-072LA02 Power Contact Male 40
680M001-072LB01 Power Contact Male 30
680M001-072LB02 Power Contact Male 30
680M001-072LC01 Power Contact Male 20
680M001-072LC02 Power Contact Male 20
680M001-072LD01 Power Contact Male 10
680M001-072LD02 Power Contact Male 10
680M002-072LA01 Power Contact Female 40
680M002-072LA02 Power Contact Female 40
680M002-072LB01 Power Contact Female 30
680M002-072LB02 Power Contact Female 30
680M002-072LC01 Power Contact Female 20
680M002-072LC02 Power Contact Female 20
680M002-072LD01 Power Contact Female 10
680M002-072LD02 Power Contact Female 10

The Power D-Sub product offering features crimp and poke machined contacts, these connectors offer higher reliability and performance in demanding applications.

These d-sub power connectors are available in cable & board mount options as well as various contact arrangements.

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