Environmental Compliance Declaration Generator


  • Select the compliance document you wish to generate in the box labeled "SELECT COMPLIANCE DOCUMENT"
  • In the box labeled "Enter Part #" under the heading "SEARCH PART NUMBERS" type the part number(s) you are looking to find REACH and RoHS information for; an auto-populate feature will display the part numbers currently available*. Click the blue box with a plus next to the part number you need certification for. The part number will be added to the list labeled "INCLUDE PARTS". (You can add as many part numbers as you wish.)
  • When finished press the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button to have a PDF compliance document specific to your selected list created.

*Please note that not all part numbers have info at this time and therefore will not show up in the part number bar. We are working diligently to upload data for all standard parts into this new tool but this will take some time. If you cannot find a part number please send you request via email to the NorComp Environmental Regulations Division at environmentalcompliance@norcomp.net.

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