821K Series Circular Push-Pull Connectors | 1K



  • Push-Pull Connector Latch and Release Mechanism
  • Small design for extreme work conditions
  • Haptic Feedback When Mating
  • Positive Locking: Prevents Accidental Disconnection
  • Cable to Cable Mating
  • Available in 2 pin, 3 pin, 4 pin, 5 pin, 6 pin & 7 pin positions
  • Accepts 20-22 awg wire (based on # of positions)
  • Rated for 7-15 amps (depending on # of positions)
  • Machined contacts and housing
  • 360 degree sheilding for full EMI / RFI
  • IP66/IP67 Rated


  • INSULATOR: High Temperature - PPS
  • CONTACTS: Copper Alloy - gold over nickelrohs-logo_3.png
  • PUSH-PULL HOUSING: Brass-Chrome Plated
    • Also available in 303 Stainless Steel
  • GASKET: High Temperature Durable Silicone Rubber


*Fully mates with existing push-pull industry solutions.

Video: FkcpgF04td4

Assembly Instructions:

Additional Hardware


Part Number

Data Sheet


Push-Pull Collets 82YY-YY-COLLET Additional Sizes Available
Female Dust Cover 821K-DC Must be Purchased Separately
Male Dust Cover 821K-MDC Must be Purchased Separately

Push Pull Connectors | 13mm | IP67/IP68 Metal Shell


Part #



Data Sheet



2 821K002-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
2 821K002-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
2 821K002-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
2 821K002-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
2 821KR02-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount
3 821K003-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
3 821K003-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
3 821K003-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
3 821K003-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
3 821KR03-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount
4 821K004-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
4 821K004-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
4 821K004-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
4 821K004-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
4 821KR04-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount
5 821K005-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
5 821K005-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
5 821K005-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
5 821K005-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
5 821KR05-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount
6 821K006-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
6 821K006-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
6 821K006-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
6 821K006-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
6 821KR06-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount
7 821K007-173LYY1 Male Cable Mount
7 821K007-273LYY1 Female Cable Mount
7 821K007-203R001 Female SC Panel Mount
7 821K007-213R001 Female Vert. Panel Mount
7 821KR07-213R001 Female RA Panel Mount

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