982 Series 180° / 90° Entry D-Sub Backshell


  • Available in 5 industry sizes/positions (9, 15, 25, 37, 50).
    (9 position does not have 90 degree cable entry)
  • Can be used as either straight or 90 degree entry.
  • 4-40 mating hardware supplied with backshell.
  • Perimeter sealing lips for secure sealing.
  • Available in metalized plastic and plastic.
  • Metalized plastic provides up to 60 dB shielding.
  • Easy assembly reduces manufacturing cost.
  • Separate strain relief mechanism is useable in either top or 90 degree entry.


  • Metalized Plastic: High temperature - UL 94V-O
    Plating: Electro-plated nickel over copper
  • Plastic: High temperature plastic - UL 94V-O (Grey)
  • Hardware: Steel, nickel plating




Assembly Instructions: Internal Dimensions: Material Declarations:

Extra Hardware

Latch Locks (Plastic) 160-000-007R0P1 Must be Purchased Separately
Latch Locks (Metal) 160-000-007R0M1 Must be Purchased Separately
Spring Clip 160-000-008R0S1 Must be Purchased Separately
25 Position Cover Plate Plastic: 982-025-010RPLT
Metalized: 982-025-020RPLT
N/A Must be Purchased Separately
37 Position Cover Plate Plastic: 982-037-010RPLT
Metalized: 982-037-020RPLT
N/A Must be Purchased Separately
50 Position Cover Plate Plastic: 982-050-010RPLT
Metalized: 982-050-020RPLT
N/A Must be Purchased Separately

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