RoHS Compliance Statement



  • As a leader in the design and worldwide manufacture of I/O interconnect products, NorComp is committed to the protection of the environment and therefore the marketing of products that meet environmental directives (WEEE and RoHS) and “green” policies worldwide.
  • This statement is intended to communicate NorComp’s plan to supply products that are RoHS 2 compliant.

RoHS 2 Compliant Product Offering:

  • The primary source of lead in connectors is found in the terminal or contact plating finish. As many NorComp connectors utilize contacts with tin-lead plating we have eliminated this composition and substituted high quality gold and Matte Tin plating.
  • Although plastic insulators used in our connector products do not contain lead, they have been impacted by the lead-free directive. Lead-free soldering processes (Wave & Reflow) require significantly higher soldering process temperatures. Therefore, the plastic insulators must be able to withstand the elevated temperatures.
  • In an effort to standardize our connector offering and simplify your product selection we have developed the following guidelines:
  • NorComp RoHS 2 compliant cable mount connectors and backshells will utilize standard or low temperature insulators as they are not utilized in high temperature manufacturing processes.
  • NorComp RoHS 2 compliant board mount connectors will be capable of withstanding lead-free high temperature manufacturing environments.

* Please consult with NorComp’s Customer Service group for any exceptions to the above.

  • For more information, please see the data sheet for a specific part in the on-line catalog.

Identifying Your New RoHS 2 Compliant Part Number:

  • NorComp RoHS 2 compliant parts will utilize a different part number from the standard (non-compliant) product offering.
  • To determine your new RoHS 2 compliant part number, simply click-on the Search -
    By Part Number
    and enter your current part number. When you click submit, the RoHS 2 Compliant catalog page for the part number you entered will appear.
  • Note, “Letter Designators” in connector part number:
    • The letter “L” designator indicates it is a low temperature insulator not suitable for high temperature manufacturing environments.
    • The letter “R” designator indicates it is a high temperature insulator suitable for lead-free high temperature manufacturing processes.

Availability of RoHS 2 Compliant Product:

  • RoHS 2 compliant parts are now available from NorComp. Place your order today!
  • Please contact NorComp’s Customer Service group at or telephone 800/849-4450 for lead times, minimum order quantities and pricing.

RoHS 2 Product Specifications:

  • To obtain specification data on a RoHS 2 compliant part, enter the RoHS 2 compliant part number in the Search - By Part Number. Click-on the provided link that best matches your RoHS compliant part number and the product page for that part number will appear.
  • Please note, pdf. drawings are provided for your convenience.
  • Material Declaration forms or Certifications of Compliance are available by contacting NorComp at A report will be e-mailed to you.
  • For any further technical information, please contact NorComp Technical Sales at