NorComp Expands M12 Connector Line to Include Industrial Gigabit Ethernet

The Reliable IP67/IP68 Rated X-Code M12 Connectors are Engineered to Run High Speed Ethernet

NorComp announces their product line expansion of the M-SERIES circular connector product offering. The X-Coded M12 connector series is ideal for demanding environments and plant applications such as industrial networking.

m12 x-coded connector

This more reliable and secure connection allows for greater protection against interference and cross talk. Moreover, the Ethernet data transfers from the X-code is far more efficient as a high-speed connector solution thus reducing transfer time while accommodating a higher signal power.

M12 X-CODED CONNECTOR Product Offering

The X-Coded M12 ethernet connector is fully shielded and available in the 8 position in a male M12 cable mount and a M12 female panel mount vertical connector.

This addition to the M12 product line adds to the already existing A Code & D Code for the NorComp M-SERIES Circulars. Additionally, NorComp offers both the M5 & M8 connector & cable assembly series in varying pin positions.

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