Backshell Hardware

Select a full range backshell hardware used in a variety of demanding end-use applications. View the entire backshell hardware catalog including thumbscrews, grommets and more below.

Backshell Hardware

RoHS Version



160-000-050R031 (SAE) Thumbscrew for Backshell Series: (SAE) Thumbscrew for Backshell Series:
977 | 978 | 979 | 983
160-000-060R031 (MET) Thumbscrew for Backshell Series:
970 | 972
162-000-YYYR000 9 - 50 Position Non-Conductive Grommets
970-RACIR010 Rapid Assembly Compression Inserts- Plastic
970-RACIR020 Rapid Assembly Compression Inserts- Metalized Plastic
972-RGrommets 972 Series 15-37 Position Grommets
GPHYYSRKIT Hardware Kit for GPH 9, 15, 25, 37, 50 Position