975M Series Die-Cast Backshell Kit



  • Multi-Entry Die-Cast Backshell available in 5 industry sizes/positions:
    • Standard (9, 15, 25, 37, 50) & High Density (15, 26, 44, 62, 78)
  • 3-Way entry allows choice of entry options or use of multiple cable entries.
  • Backshell Kit includes:
    • Phillips head Grounding Screw(s), Housing Screw(s), & Mounting Screw(s)
    • Backshell, Cover, & Cable Slot Cover


  • Die-Cast Backshell: Zinc Alloy
  • Mounting Screws: Steel, Nickel Plated
  • Housing/Grounding Screws: Steel, Zinc Platedrohs-logo_3.png
  • Cable Slot Cover: Zinc Alloy
  • Operating Temp.: -55°C to +90°C

Material Declarations:


*Cable clamps ordered separately - see page 2 of CAD drawings below.

**Mounting screw(s) will not mate with any current NorComp hardware options. Please refer to slide lock hardware options shown in the "Extra Hardware" table below.


Extra Hardware

Part Number


Data Sheet


955-YY-SR-Y-Y Additional Strain Relief Must be Purchased Separately
955-50-SR-Y-Y Additional Strain Relief (50 Position) Must be Purchased Separately
160-009-002R031 Slide Lock For 9 Position Must be Purchased Separately
160-015-003R031 Slide Lock For 15 Position Must be Purchased Separately
160-025-004R031 Slide Lock For 25 Position Must be Purchased Separately
160-037-005R031 Slide Lock For 37 Position Must be Purchased Separately
160-050-006R031 Slide Lock For 50 Position Must be Purchased Separately
160-000-005R031 Slide Lock Posts Must be Purchased Separately
Slide Lock Assembly Guide N/A Assembly Guide

Multi-Entry Die-Cast Backshell


Part #


Data Sheet



9 Kit (15 H.D.) 975M009-030R121 Die-Cast
15 Kit (26 H.D.) 975M015-030R121 Die-Cast
25 Kit (44 H.D.) 975M025-030R121 Die-Cast
37 Kit (62 H.D.) 975M037-030R121 Die-Cast
50 Kit (78 H.D.) 975M050-030R121 Die-Cast



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