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180 Series High Density Solder Cup D-Sub


  • Solder cup d-subs available in 5 industry sizes/positions
    • HIgh Density (15 pin, 26 pin, 44 pin, 62 pin, 78 pin).
  • Approximately 65% higher density than standard D-Sub connectors.
  • Low cost & high performance stamped contacts.
  • Metal shell provides EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Plug shells have indents to provide grounding and additional retention.
  • Connectors will fit in standard d-sub backshells.


  • Shell: Steel, Tin or Nickel Plating
  • Insulator: Glass-filled thermoplastic. U.L. rated 94V-O
    (230°C process temp)RoHS-LOGO.png
  • Contacts: Brass, Gold Flash Plated (Entire Contact)


Panel Cutout: Mating Cycles: Material Declarations:

High Density Solder Cup D-Sub Connectors | Stamped Contacts


Part #



Data Sheet



15 180-015-103Lyy1 Male Nickel
15 180-015-203Lyy1 Female Nickel
26 180-026-103Lyy1 Male Nickel
26 180-026-203Lyy1 Female Nickel
44 180-044-103Lyy1 Male Nickel
44 180-044-203Lyy1 Female Nickel
62 180-062-103Lyy1 Male Nickel
62 180-062-203Lyy1 Female Nickel
78 180-078-103Lyy1 Male Nickel
78 180-078-203Lyy1 Female Nickel
15 180-015-102Lyy1 Male Tin
15 180-015-202Lyy1 Female Tin
26 180-026-102Lyy1 Male Tin
26 180-026-202Lyy1 Female Tin
44 180-044-102Lyy1 Male Tin
44 180-044-202Lyy1 Female Tin
62 180-062-102Lyy1 Male Tin
62 180-062-202Lyy1 Female Tin
78 180-078-102Lyy1 Male Tin
78 180-078-202Lyy1 Female Tin

Request samples or contact us directly for any custom connector or semi-custom high-density connector project. Low MOQ's and short lead times.

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