NorComp VULCON™ ADAPTERS Circular Splitters & Adapters Series

NorComp extends their line of VULCON™ Circular Connectors to include VULCON™ ADAPTERS- M12, M8, M5, & RJ45 Circular Splitters & Adapters. These connector adapters deliver a durable solution designed to offer protection and corrosion resistance for extreme environments. Applications include industrial machinery, medical, energy, drones, robotics, and food processing plants.

VULCON™ M8 & M12 Circular Connector Adapters are designed to easily accommodate cable routing in both free hanging and panel mount applications. Both the T and Y style adapters allow a single cable output to be split into multiple destinations, and the panel mount adapters offer a robust solution for the transition from internal wiring to external connections.


  • Available in pin counts ranging from 3 to 8 positions
  • M8 A & B Code options; M12 A, B & D code options
  • T & Y splitter formats for easy external cable routing
  • M12 panel mounts in both male & female mating options
  • RJ Adapters available in both straight and right angle options
  • Up to 4 AMP contact rating / -40C to +85C
  • IP67 performance in both mated & unmated conditions


    Download the VULCON™ ADAPTERS Sales Sheet here.

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