Military Electronics

Connectors with military specifications are expected to withstand high impact shock, corrosion, and extreme changing temperatures, as well as other extreme combat conditions.

RUGGEDized Mil-cots connectors


NorComp has expanded it’s SEAL-D® IP67 connector product offering to include it’s Power-D product family. These power connectors can carry both signal (5 amp) and power (20 / 40 amp) contacts within the same connector body. Utilizing the same innovative sealing process as the original SEAL-D® product introduced in 2007, these connectors offer the benefit of being direct drop in replacements for standard (unsealed) connectors - which eliminates the need to change PCB and sheet metal designs to upgrade to IP67 performance levels.

Typical military applications include ruggedized tablets and laptops, voice and data communication systems, GPS receivers and hubs, and portable power supply units

ITAR Registration: Mil-Spec to COTS Cross Reference List: DFARS Statement:

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