Rugged Industrial Applications

Stainless steel alloys are used extensively in rugged industrial electronics applications including factory automation, outdoor equipment, and laboratory / clean room environments that are subjected to rigorous wash down procedures. By its nature, stainless steel is an extremely hard and durable material providing excellent protection against impact and abrasion.

The 316 stainless alloy used in NorComp’s VULCON™ STEEL connectors provides superior performance in rugged environments based on three key factors:

  • Higher nickel content than other alloys
  • Addition of molybdenum to the alloy
  • Addition of chromium to the alloy

The higher nickel content and the addition of molybdenum provides added protection against corrosion from chloride-based compounds (primarily chlorines and salts). The addition of chromium provides even more protection, creating a self-healing chromium oxide film on exterior surfaces. Any micro-cracks or pitting that may occur through daily use and environmental exposure are subsequently healed over as this film regenerates.

In rugged environments where protection against impact, abrasion and corrosion are critical - VULCON™ STEEL offers an extremely effective solution, providing superior performance levels at very competitive costs.