High Density Screw Machined D-Sub's:
June 2008
181-M Right Angled Series 180-M Vertical Mount Series 180-M Solder Cup Series

NorComp is pleased to introduce a new line of screw machined High Density D-Subs. These connectors combine the reduced footprint of our current High Density D-Sub products (65% space reduction) with the robust performance of a solid pin screw machined contact.

These connectors are designed for applications where space is at a premium and durability requirements exceed the performance levels of industry standard stamped and formed contacts.

Benefits Include:

  • Available in 4 industry sizes/postions (15, 26, 44, 62).
  • Metal shell provides EMI/RFI shielding.
  • Plug shells have indents to provide grounding & additional rentention.
  • Connectors will fit standard D-sub backshells.
  • Available with 3 clinch nut options.

As an additional benefit, the screw machine manufacturing process allows for custom tail configurations without any tooling development costs. Special tail lengths and right angle bend locations can be manufactured quickly off of our existing tooling.

These connectors are available in vertical and right angle PC board mount, as well as solder cup for external or panel mounted cable applications.

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