NorComp Solutions:

In addition to providing a wide array of standard products, NorComp has extensive capabilities to provide cost effective solutions to specialized interconnect requirements.

Whether your requirement calls for modifications to existing standard products or requires a custom connector or cable assembly design, our Solutions Team is ready to assist you.

Improved performance, reduced costs and shorter development cycles are just a click away. Select the photos below for links to contact our Solutions Center.

Modified Standard Products

See something that's close to what you need but it requires modifications or enhancements to meet your specific requirements? NorComp Solutions can help.

  • Specialized Hardware
  • Modified Tail Lengths
  • Ferrite Filtering
  • Modified Footprints
  • Selective Load Contacts
  • Environmental Protection

Custom Interconnects

Can't find what you are looking for from our standard product offering? Or has a critical part of your design been discontinued by another manufacturer? NorComp can assist you in the design and development of Custom Interconnect solutions to meet your specific application requirements.

  • Board Mount
  • High Density
  • Bulkhead Mount
  • High Power
  • Flat / Round Cable Mount
  • Power / Signal /
    Co-Ax Combo

Complete First Article and Compliance Certification Program

Cable Assemblies

In addition to standard and custom connectors, NorComp can provide you with turnkey cable assembly design and manufacture. Additionally, our low cost manufacturing base can help reduce the cost of your existing cable assembly designs.

  • Highly Engineered I/O Assemblies
  • Custom Molded or Mechanical Backshell
  • Standard & High Density Connectors
  • Discrete Wire Assemblies
  • 100% Tested and Certified Compliance


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